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How to Crack Modscan64 for Windows 7 64-bit - Step by Step Tutorial

crackmodscan64 - the computer version of the original crackmodscan.exe, gives the kind of files that are a likely target of password cracking. in fact, a couple of weeks ago, we used these files to crack the passwords of a lot of accounts at


using tools like total commander, you can select many files and they are parsed by crackmodscan64. if at least one of the files is vulnerable to the abovementioned attacks, then you get a password to that specific account.

a password file contains a common password. crackmodscan64 compares that password to the contents of all files in the selection. if any file contains the same password as the common password, it is added to the password list. after that, it goes back to the next file and compares that password to the contents of all the files selected. and so on until there are no more files left.

b.e.s.t. is a piece of password cracking software that we started working on about two weeks ago. the first release is around 14th of february. b. has been very successful, and it is written with the flexibility in mind to work on many platforms, including linux.

crackmodscan64 checks the eset modscan self-tuning module for a combination of 32-bit binary and 64-bit libraries. the binary heuristics for detection of malware are implemented within the modscan engine. the modscan.c sample library is for x86 cpu architectures with 64-bit operating systems.c library is optimized for the rtai cpu architecture. in addition, the modscan.c library is optimized for the ia-32e and intel atom cpus.c code is optimized for these cpu architectures.


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