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What You Need to Know About PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 - The Free Download for Prequalification in Construction

PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 is an updated version more closely aligned with the standard Selection Questionnaire and ESPD. Updating has included amendments to questions about supplier identity and financial information which reflect the approach of Part 1 of the SQ. New tables, for use by public sector purchasers, list the mandatory and discretionary grounds for exclusion set out in the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations with suppliers required to self-declare compliance.

pas 91 2017 free download

The intention appears to be that PAS 91:2013+A1:2017 is used as the standard questionnaire for procurement of works contracts over the relevant thresholds, without the need to mix and match with the standard Selection Questionnaire published by Crown Commercial Service.

At the end of 2017, the BSI published the long-awaited amendment to the PAS 91 Questionnaire. The amendments include minor changes to the text of some questions and the inclusion of new questions covering mandatory reasons for exclusion and legislation relating to the Immigration Act and the Minimum Wage Act.

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The most recent amendment of the PAS 91 questionnaire (PAS 91:2013+A1:2017) saw it aligned with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and CDM Regulations 2015. It is also closely aligned with both the Standard Selection Questionnaire and the ESPD (European single procurement document) and is commonly used in procuring works contracts, without the need to mix and match with the standard selection questionnaire.

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pas 91:2013+a1:2017 free download

how to use pas 91:2013+a1:2017 for construction tendering

what is new in pas:91:2013+a1:2017 compared to previous version

how to download free copy of pas:91:2013+a1:2017 from bsi website

how to fill in pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire online or offline

how to submit pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire to contracting authority or buyer

how to review and evaluate pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire responses from suppliers or bidders

how to score and rank suppliers or bidders based on pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire answers

how to verify and validate information provided by suppliers or bidders in pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire

how to reduce administrative burden and costs using pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire

how to improve quality and consistency of supplier or bidder prequalification using pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire

how to increase competition and transparency in construction procurement using pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire

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how to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in construction bidding using pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire

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how to achieve net energy gain in nuclear fusion experiment using pas:91:2013+a1:2017 questionnaire (just kidding )

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