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Corel Video Studio Pro 9 For Mac Extra Quality

There are many different options for video editing software, with Corel VideoStudio being a solid choice for a mid-range editor. Not the most beginner-friendly option yet not quite delivering 100% professional results. Because of this, you might be wondering if there is a better video editor to fit your needs.

Corel Video Studio Pro 9 For Mac

This guide was developed to help you sort through the best alternatives for Corel VideoStudio to narrow down your search. Below you can review the top video editors' key features, pros and cons, and a general overview of what each includes. By the end, you will have found the best option for you.

Whether you're a novice or a professional video editor, PowerDirector is the best option for any video project. You'll have no problem delivering pro results with a robust collection of dynamic tools and cutting-edge features designed to speed up the video creation process. Detailed Review >

When it comes to producing top-notch video content to an industry standard, Premiere Pro is the best option. Its professional workflow and integration with other Creative Cloud software like After Effects and Photoshop make Corel VideoStudio seem amateurish at best. Detailed Review >

Nothing is slicker than a Mac running an Apple software, and Final Cut Pro does not disappoint. It is an obvious choice for any pro video editor looking to take advantage of all the power their M1 chip has to offer. Detailed Review >

Corel VideoStudio is a program for editing videos that helps you produce content with a polished appearance. It allows you to merge videos from many sources, add effects and music, and publish your finished product online or export it. It offers a wide variety of editing tools, a great selection of project templates, and powerful third-party plugins.

PowerDirector is hands down the best alternative to Corel VideoStudio. With it, you can quickly create and export videos of a professional caliber, even if you have never edited before. No other editing software comes even close to its ease of use and speed.

Thanks to its unique versatility as an award-winning traditional timeline editor and a cutting-edge template-based designer, it can handle a full scope of project types. With the latest AI technology, you can edit and enhance video and audio with precision and accuracy. Additionally, the software includes vast libraries of transitions, titles, effects, and even 8,000,000+ stock videos, photos, and music.

Adobe Premiere Pro is used to edit professional commercials, movies, television shows, and online videos. It has high-quality audio editing capabilities, is a feature-rich piece of software for editing videos, and is offered separately and as a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Professionals will find Final Cut Pro to be well worth it because it has a robust selection of video editing features and a user interface that is relatively basic for such an advanced editor. It offers high-quality organization tools, including libraries, ratings, tagging, and automatic face and scene analysis.

Pinnacle Studio uses complete color grading functionality, premium effects, seamless transitions, titles, and more to give videos a cinematic feel and fascinate audiences with remarkable creative transformations that highlight the distinctive nature of your creations.

With pro-like capabilities of video masking, motion tracking, multi-cam editing, and more, it delivers HD, 4K, and 360 video editing across infinite tracks. It takes your projects from home movies to the next level.

Movavi Video Editor is home to hundreds of fantastic effects that craft stylish videos. Make challenge videos with slow motion, reverse, and other special effects. In Movavi, your films' backgrounds can be changed using the chroma key to be anything from a single solid color to the universe.

Shotcut is a highly reliable and stable video editing program with many tools and a good deal of flexibility to tailor the UI to your needs. It allows making videos from various editing tools, including blending, filters, transitions, and color correction, among others.

You can make home movies with iMovie without having editing experience. Add pictures and videos to projects with ease, crop clips, add smooth transitions, and fade sounds quickly. Additionally, you can edit and import ProRes video2, as well as include Apple ProRAW photos in your films and trailers.

PowerDirector combines user-friendliness with pro-level results to set itself apart from all other video editors. In addition, it provides the fastest creation process while delivering Hollywood-quality videos even if you have never edited before.

Apply premium effects, new animated AR Stickers and Face Effects, creatively blend overlays, and add morph or seamless transitions along with dynamic and 3D titles to make your video more impressive and entertaining!

Use Video Masking to achieve cinema-grade effects, save time with facial recognition technology, leverage dynamic Split Screen Templates and multi-cam editing to reveal multiple perspectives, create GIFs, enhance panoramic footage with 360 video editing, add animation and speed effects for a dynamic, motion-packed result, and so much more.

Save time creating subtitles by easy converting speech in your video to text with a new tool designed for easy caption creation. With new VideoStudio, even edit captured subtitles, export them, then import them into Youtube, TikTok or another platform. Use auto subtitling to keep your viewers engaged when speech in your video includes specific terminology, product names, or when the original narration is not perfect in quality.

Add instant fun and flair to your next project with new animated AR Stickers! These face-tracking stickers are a great way to achieve anything from masking faces to emphasizing emotions and creating playful moments. They even can be applied to multiple faces and later edited for position and size. Use AR Stickers to accent reactions and add personality to gaming videos, reaction videos, online challenges, and other projects. With VideoStudio 2022, both static and animated AR Stickers are enhanced to be easier to explore, categorize, and organize into collections.

How To Export To A Video File1. Insert the existing video/images in to the timeline or open an existing project (.VSP file). At this point, you can start editing the video, add music and transitions, etc.2. Click on the Share tab. From the Options panel, click on Create Video FileDVDDVD Video. You can choose if you would like to create DVD Video, or DVD Slideshow in either 16:9 or 4:3aspect ratio. There is also an option to create an MPEG2 (720 x 480) file. The video will then be rendered to a .MPG file format.

3. The Create Video File window should appear. Create a file name for the video. For creating either an AVCHD or Bluray video file, the only option for the Save As type isMPEG Transport-Stream Files (*.m2t) since the video file will be rendered in high definition. The video properties depends on which resolution you choose from the AVCHD / Bluray list.

All the main features come with the standard free version, while a one-off payment unlocks the complete studio which features advanced HDR grading, stereoscopic 3D tools, and a neural engine for advanced video editing.

While absolute beginners may find themselves scratching their heads as they come to terms with some of the more complex tools available, DaVinci Resolve rewards patience in spades, while more seasoned videographers will find its comprehensive tools exceptionally attractive.

Budding filmmakers who are invested in the Apple ecosystem and are looking for an excellent video editing suite should look no further than Final Cut Pro, the most popular editing software available for Mac users.

With the option to edit videos in 1080 HD, 4K, and 8K resolution, it delivers a powerful set of tools via an intuitive and versatile user interface and a much shorter learning curve than some of its competitors.

More advanced features are also available for a professional finish, including colour grading with High Dynamic Range, 360 video, and additional advanced tools such as Motion Tracker for inserting effects into the footage.

Filmora offers an unlimited free trial, which makes it a perfect choice for newbies who want to explore the various tools and features before committing to purchasing, with a watermark present on exported videos until you upgrade to the premium version.

Corel VideoStudio is an affordable video editing software suite that lacks the full range of tools professionals have come to expect from editing packages, but nevertheless boasts enough features for beginners to sink their teeth into.

While advanced editing suites such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro can sometimes feel overwhelming, Corel VideoStudio strips things back to the basics to allow amateurs to create videos without any fuss.

Available for both Mac and PC, CyberLink PowerDirector is another worthwhile video editing software package that allows beginners to work through basic editing techniques before moving on to more advanced skills and processes.

Working from a clean user interface to easily import and edit video clips, users can easily drag the desired media onto the timeline, quickly switch the layer order of their tracks, and bring in transitions, effects, and audio files.

As with some of the best video editing tools, PowerDirector comes with an assisted movie-making feature to help you with shot arrangement and composition, and while this feature does require you to add your own background music, its nevertheless a great tool for beginners who are getting to grips with video structure.

For the more advanced video editors, there are plenty of features to help deliver a more professional finish, from a broad set of masking tools to help with the application of effects, to multi-camera editing. split screen video, and motion animation.


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