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Niveus Media Center Companion

Fortunately, we're starting to see some home media servers that look - and act - like they were built by audio/videophiles, not computer geeks. Case in point: Niveus's Denali Limited Edition (LE), one of the most un-computerish-looking computers I've ever seen. (Also see the S1Digital FX Edition media center review.)

Niveus Media Center Companion


The Denali LE stands at the top of the Niveus media-server mountain range. It's designed to manage your entire media collection, storing and playing TV shows, music, Internet radio, movies, and photos. And the inclusion of an HD DVD drive, a high-performance Nvidia video card, and a 7.1-channel Pro Audio soundcard equipped with Burr-Brown DACs and 192-kHz/24-bit audio makes it a worthy companion to the other gear in a high-end home theater rig.


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