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Bella Baby is the face of hospital baby portraiture. We bringexperienced, professional photographers into the hospitals to capture yourbaby's first photograph with a natural, artistic style. We believe thatbabies look the most beautiful when being held in their parents' arms orcuddled in one of their own baby blankets. Bella Baby captures thisbeauty by using only "real things"...natural window light,professional photographers and professional grade SLR digital cameras.

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Newborns aren't the only subject we love to photograph... we love tocapture all of the milestones of family life. Using aphotojournalistic style approach to photography, we captureyour baby learning to stand, your 5-year old riding his bike with notraining wheels, and your teenager's last photograph before she becomesan adult. Go to our Bella Life section to view samples of theseimportant family moments.

We get it, being a newborn photographer is not easy. With everything you do to get ready for your photo session, the last thing you should have to worry about is finding the right photo props or creating the perfect studio setup. That's where we can help...with our quality handmade and hand knit newborn photography props, we've got you covered! Beautifully curated studio sets that include either a wicker basket, wood bowl, or other center piece with a coordinating fur layer, soft fabric backdrop, baby wraps, one or two newborn hats and a matching headband. Choose one of our handcrafted wood nests that pair well with our faux flokati fur and any of our hand knit baby clothing pieces. Or grab one of our premium faux flokati fur rugs and either a baby cocoon, swaddle sack or tieback headband for a setup that is sure to make mom happy and create precious memories! Oh, and don't forget to grab one of our travel backdrop stands to use in your studio or at a remote will make your job SO much easier!

There are 2 Buy buy baby chain baby stores in the Kansas City area offering a one-stop shop for all baby essentials. They have everything from clothes, furniture, strollers, feeding supplies, car seats, and more.

Ikea may not be considered a go-to baby store, but they offer a large selection of baby furniture, decor, supplies, and more! You can check off a large portion of your baby registry at IKEA. One perk of shopping at IKEA is they offer design tools to fill your nursery into something you and your baby will love!

These newborn footies are made out of our Dreamy Soft fabric. There is just enough of a fuzzy texture to be absolutely adorable and cuddly. Footie Pjs are the perfect staple outfit for any newborn photography session.

Our footie PJs are made from the softest fabric. They have just enough of a fuzzy texture to be absolutely adorable and cuddly. Newborn footie PJs are the perfect staple outfit for any newborn photography session.

These are the BEST newborn photography wraps you will ever use! We call them our 'Essential' wraps because they truly are a studio essential! They are thick enough to keep baby in place, but thin enough to be easy to work with. They have a 4 way stretch to make any baby swaddle work.

Each of our baby photo prop bundles are hand picked and designed to coordinate perfectly so you can create beautiful newborn photo session set ups quickly and easily. The full set gives you the most value, but you can also choose to purchase each item individually, to fit your taste!

Our Buttery Soft Backdrop collection is made from a thick, smooth, buttery soft fabric. It is super stretchy and a great choice for your baby photography sessions! Make session planning easier by adding a matching wrap, tieback, or knot hat.

This writing is not meant to be read as commentary on how one should or should not mother their children. I am speaking from my own experience and making the choices that were right for myself and my family. Every parent and every child is different and there are a million correct ways to raise a baby. I pass no judgement, I hope those of you reading this will as well.

If you can afford a night nurse I would highly recommend that to get though the first weeks and then to help sleep train your baby. Some of my friends did that and it was great for them. If not, I highly recommend getting a SNOO which was what we did. We used this from week 6 to month 6 and LIVED for it. We even traveled with it everywhere we went. They also do a rental program to save on the cost. 041b061a72


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