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Download Ps3 Modding Tools Fix

Be aware that the tools require official patch 1.2 to have been installed on your PC, and that you have appropriate portable storage with which to introduce the mod to your Playstation 3. It is recommended that your Ps3 version be patched to official patch 1.1.

Download Ps3 Modding Tools

Download File:

Used to convert PC-only assets to work correctly when put on a PS3. It's unfortunate that the more robust UDK isn't supported.. if it was tied into the widely used update PS3 distribution system, updates from Epic for every update could be done, then just by using typical packed assets we could benefit from a more modern set of tools than founding on the original UT3. Since Sony can't compete with Microsoft on a framework level, akin to XNA, and given Sony's sour track record in the software industry, they need to let up on some of their overzealous licensing restrictions.

IGN mentioned recently there was no information, just wanted to see if anyone else knew differently. Has there been any announcement of Portal 2 level authoring tools for PS3? I see there is beta software for the PC.


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