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Speaking Of GTD…

Aims of the study: The European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) recommends that countries should have reference centres to provide adequate diagnosis and treatment of gestational trophoblastic disease. A trophoblastic disease centre in the French-speaking part of Switzerland was inaugurated in 2009. The objectives of this study were to report the activity of the centre during the last 10 years and analyse gestational trophoblastic disease outcomes.

Speaking of GTD…

Conclusions: This study reflects the activity of the Swiss trophoblastic disease centre from the French-speaking part of Switzerland created in 2009, and its role as local and national reference centre, in terms of global health, for women with gestational trophoblastic disease.

He was speaking after launching a slew of development works at Rammanahalli on Thursday. Pointing out that works on the construction of Mahadeshwara Temple in the village that is estimated to cost Rs. 60 lakh has begun, GTD said that the village is linked with good roads to Mysuru city. The other works that have got sanction includes construction of underground drainage at a cost of Rs.1.85 crore, construction of a 5 lakh litre capacity overhead water tank at a cost of Rs.1.75 crore, laying of drinking water pipelines etc., he said adding that he has brought more funds after Rammanahalli Town Panchayat was formed.

For example, this morning I remembered that I need to book a flight for an upcoming speaking engagement in Spain. Like a good GTDer, I captured that thought immediately rather than try to remember it. I know what the task is ("Book flight to Spain"). I figure this will take about 15 minutes, but I need to have my full attention on the task so I consider it high-energy. It's not urgent, but needs attention (to prevent it from becoming urgent) so I estimate that's a priority level 3. Moreover, the host institution told me they need to have that by March 12. Also there's no particular place I need to be and no particular tool that I need (other than my computer, which is always with me). And it belongs in the project "UBC talk" (UBC = initials of the university that's hosting me). I also happen to know this is not the next action to take on this project.

Yesterday many Twitterers noticed my video on Productive! Show about my capture tools and asked about my GTD notetaker wallet designed by the GTD father, David Allen himself. This year in March when I was speaking at the GTDsummit in San Francisco I decided to get me one of these:

GTD is responsible for the distribution and the refinement of Toyo Tanso materials in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United Kingdom (only Heat Treatment Applications) and the German speaking part of Switzerland. Please contact our sales team for further information.Sales area:

The opening flights will feature seven traditional playing days in Bratislava's Card Casino, one more in Komárno - on Friday, February 17 - followed by two accelerated flights in Bratislava. First Turbo and then Hyperturbo. By the way, speaking of Komárno and Game World Casino, the two qualifying Phase will be played here as well. First on Tuesday, February 14 and then on Thursday, February 16.

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