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Obscurity [serial Number]

Obscurity [serial number]: A Rare and Valuable Asset for Cryptography

Obscurity [serial number] is a term coined by Dee Johnson, a cryptography enthusiast and podcaster, to describe a type of cryptographic key that is extremely hard to guess or crack. In his podcast, Johnson explains how obscurity [serial number] works and why it is a rare and valuable asset for cryptography.


According to Johnson, obscurity [serial number] is a key that is generated by using a combination of random numbers, words, symbols, and other elements that are not related to each other or to the message being encrypted. The key is then hidden in a way that makes it difficult to find or extract, such as embedding it in an image, audio, video, or other media file. The key is also not stored anywhere else, such as in a database or a cloud service. The only way to decrypt the message is to have access to the original media file and know how to extract the key from it.

Johnson claims that obscurity [serial number] is superior to other types of cryptographic keys because it is virtually impossible to brute-force or guess. He says that even if an attacker has access to the encrypted message and the media file containing the key, they would still need to know how the key was generated and hidden, which could involve millions of possible combinations and methods. He also says that obscurity [serial number] is resistant to quantum computing attacks, which could potentially break some of the existing encryption algorithms.

However, obscurity [serial number] also has some drawbacks and limitations. For one thing, it requires a lot of creativity and skill to generate and hide the key in a way that is not obvious or detectable. For another thing, it relies on the security of the media file itself, which could be corrupted, deleted, or tampered with by malicious actors. Moreover, obscurity [serial number] is not a standard or widely accepted form of cryptography, and it may not be compatible with some of the existing protocols and applications.

In conclusion, obscurity [serial number] is a novel and intriguing concept that could offer a high level of security and privacy for cryptography enthusiasts. However, it also has some challenges and risks that need to be considered and addressed before it can be widely adopted and used.


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