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Windows Xp Dark Edition V.9 Iso

V9.5.89.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (4th May 2022)Updated: Compiled using latest version of Delphi (11.1)Updated: Auto-close will not try to close child windows (will only do that now if "Forcibly close" is enabled)Fixed (Pro/SE): Under extremely high memory use there may be issues with 64-bit versionFixed (Pro): May fail to get file details from cloud (if not uploaded using SyncBackPro)Fixed (Pro): With cloud storage system that have virtual folders then may not see folders that contain no filesFixed: With threaded FTP uploads, and no safe copy, files in profile base folder may upload to FTP root folderFixed: Crash when Windows set to forcibly use Bottom-Up ASLR

Windows Xp Dark Edition V.9 Iso

V9.5.76.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (14th December 2021)Fixed: Include new files pop-up menu items in File & Folder Selection window were incorrectFixed: Password edit boxes color wrong when editing in a dark styleFixed: Improved FTP/SFTP server disconnection detection when using WoDFixed (SE/Pro): File and Folder selections not working with Touch when using variablesFixed (Pro): Google Drive HTTP 500 error when reading root folder contentFixed: Crash when scanning a folder that has junction points to drives not mounted via drive letters

V9.3.30.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (13th May 2020)New (Pro): Support for S3 compatibility interface to Backblaze B2 (BETA)Updated: The filename sort order is now the same as in Windows File Explorer (Differences, File & Folder Selection and Directory Selection windows)Updated (Pro/SE): Client certificate support when using WeOnlyDo FTP with FTPSUpdated (Pro): Log file now shows total cloud throttling time (if there was throttling)Updated (Pro): For Egnyte maximum worker threads, upload/download threads and scan threads is now 12Fixed: Log file was not showing total time worker threads waited for workFixed: May fail to reconnect correctly to FTP server when scanning and using WeOnlyDoFixed: Restore Wizard may show duplicate rollback datesFixed (Pro): Correctly handle non-default S3 endpoints when using Signature V4Fixed (Pro): Files may get uploaded with zero file size to some cloud services if "Access Denied" error raised when reading the fileFixed (Pro): There was no debug log when using Google PhotosFixed (Pro): Can now set file dates and times with SFTP WeOnlyDo when Unicode filename

SyncBackPro V7.4.0.0, SyncBackSE V7.4.0.0, SyncBackFree V7.4.0.0 (October 2015)New (SE/Pro): If there are profile notes then shown as a hint in main window when mouse over profile nameFixed: Leading and trailing space characters were being trimmed off when saving passwords and the standard settings encryption was being usedFixed: Custom colours loaded and saved when setting profile background colour in main windowFixed (Free): Installer was putting debug.ini into wrong folderFixed (Pro): Cloud profiles run in a group may fail to login if token changed in previous cloud profile in groupFixed (Pro): SFTP profiles run in a group may not accept SFTP key if it was new or changed and accepted in previous SFTP profile in groupFixed: SQLite3 Error 21 - library routine called out of sequence.Fixed: File and folder exclusions from Differences window not saved correctlyFixed: Partial selection not shown for all parent folders in file and folder selections windows when a folder untickFixed: Selections may fail to be used if case does not matchFixed: File and folder selections may not have been converted correctly, will now reconvertFixed (Free): Windows 10 does not allow a schedule to be created with the Do not store password option unless process running as administratorUpdated: Reduced program start-up time when there are many profilesUpdated (SE/Pro): Reduced program close time when deleting old profile backupsUpdated: Profile settings conversions now protected by mutex to stop multiple SyncBack processes converting profiles at the same timeUpdated (Pro): Scripting section of help fileUpdated: If there are profiles in same folder as SyncBack and cannot be used because of access rights then user prompted to export themUpdated (SE/Pro): The Fast Backup rescan variables are expanded based on the profile start time and not the scan started time

SyncBackPro V7.3.8.0, SyncBackSE V7.3.8.0, SyncBackFree V7.3.8.0 (September 2015) New (Pro): Supports new Standard IA storage class in Amazon S3 New: Can now create tech support Zip file with main debug logs from previous run New: File and folder selections speed greatly improved as now using a database instead of INI file New: Forward and backward navigate mouse buttons now supported in some windows Fixed: When submitting support ticket it now checks if there is an email client Fixed: Used wrong modification date and time when restoring from Touch where files were compressed Fixed: Installer was not using UpdCheckDays command line parameter Fixed (Pro): Restoring from a split Zip from the cloud may not work (depending on cloud service) Fixed (Pro): SBConstants.vbs updated and will now be updated on each install and made read-only Updated: Various help file updates Updated: Calculate hash values for comparison now quicker Updated (Pro): Moved and rename SFTP public key to FTP Advanced page to avoid confusion with private key

SyncBackPro V7.0.5.0, SyncBackSE V7.0.5.0, SyncBackFree V7.0.5.0 (October 2014) New: The FTP test function outputs more details and can copy result to clipboard, e.g. for tech support New: Can test filters in the Filters windows Fixed: Scan of FTP server may fail if it cannot get the date and time of a file Fixed: If using FTP proxy and prompting for password then failed Fixed: Sometimes skipping junction/mount points when should not Fixed (Pro): May fail to scan IMAP4 folders that are not English Fixed (Free): This feature is not supported in this version error message in log

SyncBackPro V6.3.7.0, SyncBackSE V6.3.7.0, SyncBackFree V6.3.7.0 (January 2013) New: Email services can be selected for easier email configuration New: -shutdownforce command line parameter New (SE/Pro): -rebootforce command line parameter New (Pro): Support for DreamObjects (S3 compatible storage service) New (Pro): Support for S3for.Me (S3 compatible storage service) New (Pro): Support for SBM Service V2. Also supports V1 for backwards compatibility. New (Free): Can detect filename case changes as per SE and Pro. This fixes issue where identical files with different dates and times are not updated. Fixed: Path to event log DLL in registry corrected on 64-bit versions of Windows Fixed: On Vista the folder selection dialog would give child folder name twice if double-click folder and click Select Folder Fixed: Manifest file so that the compression DLL does not need to be registered Fixed: When zipping and log set to only warn if files missing then it was not recording a warning Fixed (Pro): Mime type discovery fixed Fixed (Free): Profiles were being reset to use standard windows file copying method when program started Fixed (Free): EComponentError exception when choosing Revert to factory settings on some profile config windows Updated (Pro): Detects and reformats cloud URL if entered with http or https Updated (Pro): New profile wizard has SSL checkbox for cloud Updated: When-Insert and When-Login,Logout profile settings window update to not show if background backups disabled Updated: Help file

SyncBackPro V6.2.27.0 and SyncBackSE V6.2.26.0 (December 2012) New (Pro): Added Sydney region to S3 New (Pro): RunDiffOpened, RunDiffClosed, GetFilename, GetFoldername and GetFolderDetails script routines added New (Pro): DiffExport example script that uses new routines New: Option to not email the log if the profile is run manually New: Progress feedback when saving or loading the Fast Backup or sync data New: Open Folder in Differences window will now highlight the file in Explorer Updated (Pro): SBVariables object now available in all types of scripts Updated: Faster loading and sorting of Differences window Updated: HTML log file now shows which group profile is run from Updated: When a profile is aborted because it is already running then log file now has more details Updated: Files to go progress now includes skipped files Updated: Help file Fixed (Pro): Memory leak when using Azure Fixed (Pro): Backup to single zip file on Azure was stuck in a loop Fixed: Email body when emailing log may say there is 1 non-critical error even when not mentioned in the log Fixed: Saving profile defaults when using a custom email body failed Fixed: Option to enable custom email body is no longer a shared setting as the email body itself is not a shared setting Fixed: %CRITICALERROR% variable was not being expanded in custom email body when emailing logs Fixed: Sometimes profile result and log incorrectly showed success when restoring from a single zip file and it actually failed Fixed: On History page of profile settings showed wrong translation string if there was no failure and English not being used Fixed: Tray icon was not resetting when viewing latest log file (if there was more than one log file) Fixed: Was not resetting some dialogs so you are reprompted when using Italian Fixed: Tab stop order on some windows was wrong

SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE V6.0.3.3 (November 2011) New (Pro): EMAIL_IMAPFOLDER variable for when backing up emails New (Pro): Can now get list of IMAP folders New (Pro): Option to ignore S3 bucket naming restrictions Updated (Pro): Cloud code improved to handle errors better and retry in more situations Updated (Pro): Detects IMAP4 servers saying user is over bandwidth quota Updated (Pro): ExtremeCopy DLL updated to avoid crashes Updated (Pro): With backup of email messages it will ignore date and time differences if the email does not have a date Updated: Installer to get around rare case of translation files being locked during install (because SyncBack is still running) Updated: The logic on getting version information from a versioned file Updated: Shows Insert in background column if profile is set to run on insert of a drive/disk Updated: Small improvement in email performance Fixed (Pro): Gives estimated time left when using cloud Fixed (Pro): Possible crash when uploading to the cloud Fixed (Pro): Backup to single zip on the cloud Fixed (Pro): Email export sub-folder was using wrong default value Fixed: May corrupt a child profile when running a group via the interface Fixed: Was not showing filename in lower-left panel in Differences window Fixed: Was not skipping folders already found but with different case Fixed: Help file window may lock-up if help displayed from two different windows while keeping help window open Fixed: Now correctly restores SyncBack window if trying to run a second instance Fixed: -posreset will now correctly reset the main user window


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