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Where To Buy Pinafore Dresses [2021]

Is there anything more timeless than a pinafore dress? We know you'll reach for this easy style time and time again. The cross back design can be easily adjusted to allow for changes in length as your child grows. Slip it on, tie a bow and she's on her way. We're wearing this now with cozy tees, gauzy tunics, and Peter Pan collared shirts underneath, warm stockings and boots. This summer, we'll wear it on its own.

where to buy pinafore dresses

Classic pinafore with a Lali touch! This precious dress is made in our beautiful wallpaper print, inspired by the wallpaper at the farmhouse, with ruffle sleeves, mother-of-pearl buttons, delicate ties and subtle lace details. This sweet little dress is ready for a day of playtime or on the town exploring.

Girls pinafore dress in Boombox is sure to make you nostalgic for your own childhood. Our black and neon retro print will make your tiny individual stand out from the crowd as she heads back to school.

The Felicia Pinafore Dress is a pull-on pinafore style featuring a sleeveless bodice with stitched down neck and armhole facings, bust darts and a soft gathered skirt with side pockets. A great dress for every season, Felicia can be worn on her own or over a t-shirt or long-sleeved top.

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